What Now – 1 Month Update to Online Work

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1 month ago, I decided to quit my job as a Nurse in a Cosmetic and Dermatological Clinic to pursue a career online as a Virtual Assistant. I started out with no experience, but because this field is something I am interested in and good at (at least for me) within a week of looking for clients I was hired and started working immediately!

1 month later and I am happy to say that I got a steady flow of clients here and there and was not running out of tasks to do for a week. I have never felt as happy as I am today, never felt as contented as I am now. Each and everyday of my life does not feel like working at all. It’s as if I’m just doing something just because I like doing it and in the end of the day getting paid for it as a bonus.

I am following a routine and schedule of things, I wake up early in the morning but I never found myself moaning or complaining about how I wanted to go back to sleep so bad. I get things done and the earlier I start my day, the more things I accomplished.

I never thought it could ever be like this, people around me always say that no work will ever be easy, that it is supposed to be hard and stressful. I never believed that thought, I know that there is a work for me that does not feel like work at all, and this is it now. I don’t feel like working, but I am. I am doing something I am passionate about and it couldn’t get any better.

Yesterday, I just got my first payout from doing 1 month of online work. It is not that big but it’s something. It is definitely more than what I am getting when I used to be working in the clinic also, I do not have any expenses or bills to pay so most of it I will allot for savings and travel or shopping fund lol

In the long run, and I know that I wanted to keep this job and keep doing it until a better opportunity for me came, I would want to have my own space. I’ve been thriving for independence for years now. I have nothing against living with my parents but I still wanted a space of my own! And I think working online would give me that independence *crossed fingers*

As of now here are some of the task I worked for or will be working at:

  • List building (Emails, Contact information, website)
  • Research
  • Social Media Management – Twitter, Instagram
  • Instagram Training for Marketing
  • Squarespace site building
  • WordPress blog posts formatting
  • Content Writing for a Health and Wellness Company

I could never thank my clients enough for trusting me and my skills even if I am just starting out, I never thought I would progress immediately but I did and I am also thankful that I was able to find good companies to work for who value their employees and provides training and good communication. Also, fair salary according to experience and hours of work.

This is a start of something great and I am excited to keep moving forward!

Lots of love,


PS I will be updating my post about how to verify your PayPal account with how to Withdraw your PayPal funds link here


2 thoughts on “What Now – 1 Month Update to Online Work

  1. Time For Anxiety says:

    I agree with this line completely – “I know that there is a work for me that does not feel like work at all, and this is it now”

    I too believe that work does not have to feel like work, and the pursuit of working from home is a journey I have been looking into for the past couple of months. I give you credit going after this dream, and I hope to be going on a path like yours soon.

    I look forward to reading more about your successes, and what you have learned. Good luck!


    • itscherrymay says:

      Thank you for your kind words. It was never easy deciding that I wanted to get started working online. I had doubts, inhibitions and I am scared that it might not work out, I may not find work immediately and will be stagnant for a long time. It has been a battle whether working online is a career I could consider for the long run. But in the end, I decided to take a risk and here I am.

      I say don’t doubt yourself. You can do whatever you wanted to do if you believe you can achieve anything. Just believe in your capabilities and knowledge and gain more experiences everyday.

      I will be sharing more about my stories soon too. I am learning a lot from my work online and can’t wait for everyone to know. Have a nice day!

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