What You Need To Know about Working Online


2014 is not that bad, I’ve gone to places, bought new things, provide for myself, share some of my blessings to my family and friends. But the last months of the year I have been on a dark place, I am not on my best mood, unhappy and not contented with just everything about my life. Here is a quote from a blog I posted a couple of months ago:

I wanted to start my life. Reset. And it will only happen if I quit. And I will. With or without a new one. I don`t wanna just hop on another job just because I felt like I needed a back up. I wanna be able to find a job that will make me feel like I want to do it for the rest of my life. A job that will take me somewhere. Not exactly immediately on top but somewhere on my way to it.

I think that the major reason why I am unhappy is that, I keep on comparing myself with other people and how successful they get for a very short time, while I have been doing the same thing for almost 2 years and is still on the same place as I was when I passed the boards. I am hungry for a change, I want an increase on my paycheck, and want to feel better of myself, post around my life accomplishments for the world to know how far I’ve gone. Which I think of it now and it’s really petty. To only want to boast around and make people envy your life.

Another year came and I used it as my motivation to do something about my problem, to make a major life decision and set my number 1 goal which is :


It was hella scary, I am putting it off for most of January because I was told to look for a replacement job before I quit my present one, which makes sense if you think of it because you can’t just lie around and hope for the best that you’ll get a new one immediately especially because the unemployment rate for nurse in the Philippines is too damn high! I had a my fair share of interviews while I am still employed but nothing makes me feel like I wanted to do it for so long or I will progress immediately and won’t have to start over with training and probation period, nothing of which jobs interest me. And then came February and I felt like I had enough. I have been put through enough stress that I quit without thinking twice, without a replacement job, without a back up plan, just the thought that everything will be okay, that I will have it figured out and that something will come for me.

I was lounging around at home not really sure what I want to do, just taking my time, getting rest, sleeping in the morning not having to worry about getting stuck in traffic and going to work on time, I submitted my resume to job openings online just because I think it is the right thing to do, my parents have been asking me what are my plans and I have nothing to say.

A few months ago, i was reading blogs and came across this one listing jobs I could do to travel + work online, sure it’s interesting but it feels like it’s unattainable, how can you get a job and get paid when you’re just sitting in front of your computer? The idea baffles me, but out of curiosity I started to create my profile to online freelancing sites – Elance and oDesk, but setting up a profile took so much time so I forgot about it. When I was browsing the internet one time about to submit my resume to another job, I remember the profiles I created for those freelancing site, because I have all the time in the world now, I completed my profile and took some test.

At first I’ve no idea what I am doing,I don’t have anyone to ask how this works, how will I get paid, how do I apply for jobs, I don’t even know what work I can do online to be quite honest. Now, working online is not a new idea for me, but I never thought that I will ever consider it as “my work” a few years back I linked my blog in a paid advertising site that allows me to write content for certain websites and earn from it. But I am no writer, I am struggling with my grammar and I have a very limited vocabulary. So after reading job openings, I decided to apply as a Virtual Assistant, without any feedback, without knowing what I’ll be doing, I know a few things here and there, I know my way in and out of the internet, so i guess that’s something.

I was hired for the third job proposal I submitted and started working for 5 hours a week. I have no issues about that amount of time for work as it increases to 10 hours a week eventually plus at that time I thought that I still want to work for a company and look for a better job for me, so it’s like being paid for working a few hours in a day instead of just staying at home doing nothing.

But it worked out too well, eventually I got hired for a lot of jobs, I completed too many projects and I am billed for working 8 hours a day or even more. HOW CRAZY. I am earning 4x more than what I am getting when I used to work as a nurse in a clinic (minimum salary for 2 years without any increase) and this I am not sharing just to show off and let you know how much I am getting paid for, but to let you know that working online is possible, working at home is possible, getting paid for working online is possible. If you know where to look for jobs, if you can deliver to client’s requests, if you manage your time well, if you’re determined.EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. And of course these are legit and legal jobs, mind you.

I am not also saying that you should quit your job right at this moment and work online, do so only if you’re interested. There are pros and cons to this job, you have to know that before you jump into it. I didn’t know it at first but now that I do I do not mind it at all.

The most important thing that you have to consider before you started working online is to ask yourself:


I do, it’s something I am always interested with, it’s a hobby I never thought would take me to where I am now, I love blogging, I love doing graphic designs through Photoshop, it makes me happy, it’s my passion. So the moment I started working online and I was required to do blogging, to format WordPress contents, to do Graphic Design, it always feels like I am doing something I love and passionate about. So it doesn’t feel like working at all.


  • You’ll be working with yourself, in front of the computer all throughout the day. You’ll be at home most of the time, you have to be available for certain hours in a day,  if you’re a social butterfly and wants to be always surrounded with friends, then this might not be the job for you. It works out fine for me, I don’t really go out that much and I love working from home. I just really got fed up with having to deal with my daily commute that I hated going to work/office/clinic, I felt like I am wasting too much time of my life getting stuck on traffic or waking up early just to be on time. But if you really really wanted to do this, you can always work whenever, as long as you have a strong internet connection. As for me, I can’t get anything done when I am in a public place, I need a quiet place to think and concentrate I don’t need distraction, so, to each of his own.
  • If you used to be working in a company, you’re used to getting the benefits of a secured job. Working online won’t give you that benefits, Healthcard, PAGIBIG, SSS, they won’t pay that for you, there are some company who does but definitely not all. You have to pay it yourself if you want, and isn’t it such a hassle? I still haven’t done this myself, I have no time to go to offices and process my papers and voluntarily pay it monthly. It’s on my list, this is important for the future so I will make sure to do this.
  • You’re not going to pay for taxes. At least that I know of, I still have to verify this because if I needed to pay for taxes, I will pay for taxes. Who knows I might need it sometime for some visa applications? Ha ha ha wishful thinking but the thing is you’re going to be employed by companies outside the Philippines and you’ll be exempted to tax because of that. Again, I have to verify this but that’s what I know so far.
  • No Team Building/Company Outing/Christmas Party. Well who are you going to go out with anyway? Your laptop? Ha! The thing that I will surely miss about working in a company is this. I want my free dinner and food and party please.
  • You don’t have to submit a leave when you want to go on a vacation. If you’re going on a vacation, all you have to do is pack your laptop with you, make sure you have an internet connection and you can work wherever in the world you are
  • Work whenever you wanted to. You forgot to set up your alarm? NO WORRIES. You don’t have to time in the bundy clock, this is of course if your client does not require you to work on a specific time or follow their time of work (if they are US/Europe based) you can do some work in the morning go out by afternoon and get back to work when you got back. You handle your own time.
  • No expenses. If you’re living with your parents, and working online at home what expense can you ever think of? 100% of your salary will go to where you wanted it to go: Savings, Travel Fund, Shopping Fund or whatever you are saving up for or paying for. No need to allot budgets for transportation or food as it always comes free when you are at home (heee)
  • You’ll get the weekends off. I used to work every Mondays to Saturdays and at the end of the week there’s just too many things that I want to do and the struggle every Sunday is that I want to rest but I also want to go out and do something else. Now I got the weekends off and even if it’s just a day plus there’s still so many things you can do in an additional day. PLUS I get to say “Thank God it’s Friday” which is not very important so meh haha
  • You’ll be paid weekly. Most of the jobs online pay weekly and it’s amazing. You haven’t even withdrawn your PayPal funds yet and you have another payment coming through.
  • Payment is via PayPal. And PayPal is such a bitch, I have nothing against PayPal because it’s the best way to get paid online but boy, their fees. When you receive payments they will deduct a certain percentage of that payment, when you receive payments in USD and that is not your currency, they will convert it to a lower amount. Example as of the today 1 USD = PHP 44.2 in Paypal 1 USD = PHP 43 so you’re getting less than what you should actually be getting. And if you withdraw less than PHP 7,00 there is a fee of PHP 50 via bank account or if via debit card a fee of PHP 250. PayPal is amazing but it’s also a rip off. Huhu stop taking our hard earned money.

Those are the main points that you have to know if you decided to work online, it’s not all glitz and glamour and getting paid huge amount of money, you also need to work hard, I work too hard and use all my time in a day to get multiple jobs done because that’s how dedicated I am for the job. If you’re only working online for the money and you’re not willing to work hard for it, you’re going to have a bad time.

Let me know if you have any more questions, I am more than willing to help. Also, please make sure to read about my Freelance Guide to know more about how you can get started with working online

  1. Freelance Guide – How to verify your Paypal Account with Eastwest Debit Card + How to Withdraw Paypal Funds

  2. Freelance Guide – Being a Virtual Assistant

Anything else I wasn’t able to cover right now, let me know.

Lots of love,



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