11 thoughts on “Freelance Guide – How to verify your Paypal Account with Eastwest Debit Card + How to Withdraw Paypal Funds

  1. Kuki says:

    “There will also be a fee of Php 250 per withdrawal or $5.”

    Is this true? I read other blogs that Eastwest doesn’t charge fee if your withdrawing money from paypal to your Eastwest Basic Saving debit card. Only the Php 50 that Paypal charges when you withdraw below Php 7,000.

    Will wait for your answer, thank you!


    • itscherrymay says:

      Hi thanks for reaching out! Forgot to update but yes that is correct, when I process a withdrawal of Php 7,000 above, it will show on the transaction in Paypal that I will be debited a $5 amount (USD is my default currency, not sure if it will work the same for peso) but when the funds enter my account, it will be the full amount I withdrawn. That is only if you’re withdrawing an amount higher than Php 7,000. Hope that helps 🙂

      Also, Php 50 is the charge if you’re withdrawing through your Passbook account, it’s Php 250 if through debit card. For withdrawal that is less than Php 7,000. Kaya if the fund is less than Php 7,000 I usually withdraw via my passbook account waiting time is longer lang but with lesser fee.


  2. Justin says:

    Hi there! This article is really helpful. I was thinking if I confirmed my debit card today will the paypal verification code will be logged to my card statement at this exact day or time?

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  3. Carina Quiambao-Caluag says:

    Good day and Hello!
    Have you tried using it and linking it to Payoneer? If yes, how much you were charge for transferring the money?


    • itscherrymay says:

      Hi Carina, I linked my Paypal Debit Card to Payoneer but I have not used Payoneer yet. I just find it inconvenient to wait for a couple of days before the transaction will reflect on my account. But from what I know and read, there’s no charge in withdrawing with Payoneer. Only when you receive funds. But, I am not really sure as I have not used it yet, sorry can’t be of much help.


    • itscherrymay says:

      Hi Hana, where are you withdrawing your funds and what bank is your Paypal account linked to? I know some banks charge a fee (BDO and BPI) when they transfer but not Paypal so you really won’t see a fee. However, lately, I noticed that when I am withdrawing to my Visa Card (Eastwest Bank) Paypal will automatically charge me with a $5 fee. I can’t really tell if the amount credited to my account is the whole amount withdrawn because I am not familiar with the exchange rate used and it’s usually minimal difference that I do not notice. Sorry if I cannot be of much help, my default currency is USD.


  4. Trisha says:


    I would just like to thank you a lot. I followed your advice and called EastWest’s Customer Service Hotline for the verification code. I was able to get the code that way instead of sending an e-mail or visiting the bank! In addition to that I don’t have to wait for more than a week. I was told by the Teller that since we are in the province, it might take more than a week to get the code from them. Now, I really don’t have to worry about it.

    Thank you thank you very much!

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    • itscherrymay says:

      Hi Trisha, thank you so much! ❤️ I am glad that you found this blog helpful and I am so glad that you got your verification code without waiting for a week! Yay! I don’t actually know why others aren’t just calling Eastwest for the code, it is definitely easier and faster that way 👍🏻


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