What You Need To Know about Working Online


2014 is not that bad, I’ve gone to places, bought new things, provide for myself, share some of my blessings to my family and friends. But the last months of the year I have been on a dark place, I am not on my best mood, unhappy and not contented with just everything about my life. Here is a quote from a blog I posted a couple of months ago:

I wanted to start my life. Reset. And it will only happen if I quit. And I will. With or without a new one. I don`t wanna just hop on another job just because I felt like I needed a back up. I wanna be able to find a job that will make me feel like I want to do it for the rest of my life. A job that will take me somewhere. Not exactly immediately on top but somewhere on my way to it.

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Social Media Mentality


It’s so frustrating how Social Media works and how it can affect your life. I don’t know about you but the more I check on it, the more I feel sorry about my life. I mean who wouldn’t? You’ll see a lot of people living their dreams, going to places you’ve never been, buying things you can never have, eating to places you can never imagine, and just living like they don’t have to work a day in their life. It’s wicked. Wicked how some people got it easy, and you will never be them even if you put your heart to your job, even if you do your best and even if you give your best effort. IT.WILL.NEVER.BE.SAME.AS.THEIR.LIFE.

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