L’oreal Philippines Exchange Shade Policy


When it comes to purchasing make-up here in the Philippines, you have to be 100% sure that the shade you got will match you. Because unlike in the US most of the companies here does not accept shade exchanges or product returns. So you got the wrong shade? Or generally just dislike the product? Then bye bye money to you!


Last January 10, 2015 I am on a hunt for foundation as the BB Cream from Missha that I am using for a year is almost done. I stumbled upon L’oreal booth and get distracted with the word “SALE” you know girls and sales, especially 50% off ones! We can’t just walk away from Sales, we just can’t! Ha ha ha

So anyway, the product on sale is their Lucent Magique Line. Now I never bought make-up on a whim I would always always always read reviews online before buying anything so I know what to expect from the product and I will know that it will work well with my skin type and the only thing that I am going to worry about is the shade. That day, I have some other product in mind to buy but it was not available.

So I went on and swatched the Lucent Magique liquid foundation and asked the Sales Representative what shade would match my skin. Not being aware of the available shades of that specific product that time I only trust what she will say to me as I thought she will be more familiar with the product than me. She gave me N7 for the liquid foundation and I decided to get the partner powder foundation in G4. We were rushing that day as the mall is almost closing and we have to head home, I bought the products without even thinking enough.


The next day, I immediately tried the foundation and powder. AND IT WAS HORRIBLE. The formula is amazing but the shade is just way off. It looks like I’ve been on the beach for long and my face is too tan than the rest of my body! The name of the shade N7 is Pure Bronze I didn’t even saw that when I was buying it should I have known, I wouldn’t even mind buying the product. But I didn’t.

I would have went to the mall to have it exchanged or make a complaint except that the mall I bought it from is too far from where I live and work and I don’t have time also, I don’t have the receipt anymore.


I really feel sorry for wasting money on something I couldn’t even use so by January 14, 2015 I messaged L’oreal Paris Philippines thru their Facebook Page about my concern. I send them a private message and told them what happened, and that I don’t have the receipt but still have the boxes with the price tags on it. I did not get any response for almost a week and was even seen-zoned. I was fuming mad the moment I saw that they read my message but didn’t even bothered replying. I stopped myself from saying something mean and decided to forget about it. I just used the foundation to contour lol

By January 20, 2015 I received a message from a L’oreal Paris Consumer Advisor asking me to call them on their landline number that she provided so we can discuss how we can resolve my concern.

So I did and she asked me to provide the shade that I wanted to have in exchange of the shade that I have which is N7. After checking to different L’oreal counter on a different mall I finally decided to get the shade N2 for both the powder and foundation. It’s a little bit lighter but since I am acidic, it will turn a shade darker so it will all be good.


I gave them a call again to relay the shade that I will be getting and was asked to wait for their call again to let me know that the product is ready for pick-up on the branch that I originally bought the product from. After a week or so I couldn’t even remember, they called me again to inform me that the product is finally available for pick-up.

Again, because the mall I originally bought the make-up from is far from where I live, it took me almost 2 weeks before I have my make-up exchanged.

I am so glad I took a chance and voice out my concern at L’oreal because I don’t want to end up with an unused make-up that have no use. Thank you L’oreal Paris Philippines for taking actions over my concern, and replacing the shade of my make-up.

Do you have any experience with exchanging or returning make-up? How was it?

Lots of love,



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