Personal – My Third World Passport and Education


Do you ever wonder why you live where you are? Why you came from such a place and ever dream of living somewhere far from where you are now?

I know I always do.

I was born and raised in the Philippines, I have no other options as both my parents are Filipino. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is currently a Registered Nurse. I dream so high for myself and my family, I know I am capable of doing anything and giving my best efforts for any job. I wanted to pursue a career away from my home country because I know there are a vast of opportunities elsewhere in the world.

But my passport and my education is limiting me to do anything.

So you wanted to work as a Nurse in Singapore? You must have a 2 years experience in a tertiary hospital with 200 bed capacity as a staff nurse, volunteer work not counted. You also have to pass the exam given by the Singapore Nursing Board.

Australia? But you have to study for 6 months first. Spend more money like your tuition in college isn’t even exorbitant enough. And work under student visa and look for your employer. Oh so nobody is sponsoring you? I am sorry but you have to go home to your country. We’re sorry.

Dubai? Middle East? Abu Dhabi? But you have to have 2 years hospital or clinic experience, also you have to take the Prometic Exam.

USA? Take the NCLEX. Also, try and get a tourist visa or moreover work visa. Are you still hopeful for this? Please don’t keep you hopes up, we are not promising anything because of the retrogression.

Europe? You have to study first. Or you may want to work as a Nurse Assistant, basically a Caregiver which is not so bad but you know doesn’t require to complete a 4 year course and work yourself so hard before you can take the examination for being a registered Nurse.

You give up on all other options? So you wanted to work here in the Philippines? But you have to have an experience, or if you have none you can volunteer for work. You will do all the tasks of the Senior Nurses while they lounge around the Station doing nothing. We won’t be paying you anything but it is an experience. Or you can also pay us for the training fee if you like. Either way, you’re not getting any salary. Ahh it’s been 2 years and you want to be a regular staff nurse? Sure .. here’s a minimum wage salary without overtime pay. Just the pay your hard work and labor deserve.

We basically took Nursing for 4 years, work hard for the license just to be treated this way, like we don’t have any other choice but succumb to their offer. Filipino Nurses are the one of the best in the World, why do we have to experience a whole lot of suffering before we could work where we wanted to?

Why does our education work in such a way that it won’t be credited to other developed countries? Why do we have to take more examinations, why do we have to take more units or study for another year?

Why does my passport alert the immigration officers and doubt my whole being?

Why can’t I go wherever I want?

Without limitations and without judgment?

I love the Philippines with all my heart, this is the place where my family lives, my friends live, this is the place where I was born and raised, this is where I studied and be the person that I am now, it sucks that we have this system in our government that making living here such a hell.

Where employees are maltreated and taken advantage of.

Where you can’t speak and voice your opinion.

Where you have no power to do something for change.

Where you have to endure public transportation and waste so much time.

I am tired of living like this. And even if I wanted to go somewhere? I can’t. Unless if I am rich as hell, which I am not.

I can’t get away even if I wanted to.

I can’t do anything about my pain.

I just have to sit and wait for everyday to be a better day than yesterday.

Why do we have to suffer like this?

Why do I have to be here when I can be elsewhere that I love.

So many questions I asked myself everyday. No matter how hard I think of an answer to my every question, I can never came up with an answer or a solution.

I guess it’s just what it is.

This is how it will always be.

And that there is nothing that I can do for now.

My life of limitations.

Lots of love and inhibitions,



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