Where have I been – Boracay, Philippines


Even before our Company Outing in Subic, we were booked for a Boracay trip 6 months in advance. I did all the work and I am the person in charge for searching for the lowest airfare there is, we got our Roundtrip ticket for Php 1,500 each. Manila to Kalibo from Cebu Pacific and Kalibo to Manila from Air Asia.

It all happened because after 2 years of planning for a getaway that didn’t happen during the Holy Week I am just tired of not going somewhere with them because they’re a fun bunch! So booking, I did! We were there during All Souls Day and there aren’t much of people in the island which is fun! But going there is an entire adventure on it’s own ha ha ha we had super crazy departure time. Don’t blame me I asked for their opinions if they are okay with this kind of time and they are so….

October 31, 2014 we were all anxious because of the news that you have to allot a whole lot of time going to the airport because of the traffic. We were at the clinic, frustrated on how the hell will we make it to our flight if we got out by 7 pm which is the usual time we won’t make it to our 9 pm flight. I am particularly stressed ha ha ha but by 3 pm we are walking towards the MRT station as our boss is not feeling fine and are dismissed early as usual! Yisssss!

Imagine 4 girls on their beach outfit and luggage in tow walking along Mother Ignacia Avenue to get to the MRT station ha ha ha it was an adventure. We decided to not take a car or a cab because we might get stuck in traffic and that’s not good. So MRT it is then. When we got off Taft Station, we had to carry our luggage on the stairs to go down as there are no other options. We went to the terminal to ride the bus going to the Airport and just as we are walking by a bus passed by and we got in! We were 4 hours early for our flight. We have so much time. There are no traffic whatsoever or we are just lucky. IDEK.

We were at Kalibo International Airport by 10 pm, and we still have to travel for an additional 3 hours to go to Caticlan port where we will ride a ferry to get to Boracay and then tricycle to the island.

NOTE: When you are at the airport and you have a weird arrival time like we are, or late arrival time please please take the Southwest Tours offer! They will arrange the bus and ferry to Boracay and even to your hotel. We made the mistake of taking the van and arranging a ferry ride that cost so much ugh it is such a hassle. But if you were going there by morning or afternoon just take whatever is easy or cheaper.

We were at the island by 12:00 mn if I can remember it right, we booked for a room somewhere else as we can’t checked in yet with our room at La Carmela de Boracay. We were so tired that night I can’t even remember anything anymore because I go straight to sleep.

DAY 1 IN PARADISE – Helmet Diving, Parasailing

The thing about going to Boracay on a holiday is that the rates for activities are higher than non-peak season this is something you should consider if you have tight budget. And please arrange your activities on someone you can trust, we had so many fail moments in Boracay that lead us to paying more than we should so please take note of that.


It feels like we had the entire Island on our own.




HELMET DIVING – It sounds cool but if you’re up to being underwater with a heavy as hell helmet on your shoulders and feeling like your ears popping any seconds without seeing anything crazy or fun and you just wanted to waste money then it’s up to you. Nothing really special about this activity but if you just wanted to try it out because everyone else does this. JUST DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. IT’S NOT WORTH IT.


Not as fun as it looked like.

PARASAILING – Now we are talking, this baby may cost a lot but it’s ALL WORTH IT. Being up in the air seeing the whole island is an experience you wouldn’t want to pass. It’s one for the books and you wouldn’t want to miss this out.





We were even dropped in the water by the cool kuya’s facilitating the activity! It was fun!

We should have been on the Paraw at sunset but the Parasailing took longer than we anticipated so it’s dark when we got back to land so we decided to just freshen up and have dinner. We ate at a seafood buffet and had some cocktails while listening to different bands playing. That night was amazing.


The next morning, all of them are sick and having stomach issues except me. The culprit: the oyster they had. I don’t eat oyster and don’t feel like trying that night so I am glad because I am not sick the next day and can still roam around the island one last time before our flight at night.

FLYFISH – don’t you ever miss this! IT’S SUPER FUN!!!! We wanted to go back to Boracay because we wanted to do Flyfish! Tiring as hell but fun nonetheless.









No survivors for this one. We were all knocked out of the water by this point.



Feeling adventurous and jump into the water to swim! It’s fun!

There are so many things we were not able to do in Boracay because of time constraints, so I wish I could go back in the future to this beautiful paradise. My standard with beaches are high now because I have been to this island it was so much beautiful, if you’ve been there you know what I am talking about.

Have you been to Boracay? How was your experience?

Lots of love,



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