Where have I been – Subic, Philippines


If you’ve ever been part of a company, then I guess you have heard about Team Building. Last May 5, 2014 our company decided to have a Company Outing, we were only 4 in the clinic you can never form a team with such members so I it’s a company summer outing then lol


Me and my workmates! The only reason why I hold on for so long in the company I’ve worked for is these girls! I can never ask for anyone to work with again ever, they’re the best, they understand me, they tolerated me, and have the same passion as I am. I miss them big time and I feel guilty on leaving them and passing my responsibilities on them. But it has to be done. Anyway….

Last 2014, we had a short but fun company outing at Subic, Philippines. I am glad we went that far to be honest, initial plan was just to lounge in a private pool somewhere in Antipolo, how fun.

We checked in at Subic Peninsular Hotel and then went to All Hands Beach Resort.IMG_2887

We were all together in a room and it was fun, ha ha ha we had loads of picture together on the room but I think I want to forget about all of it. It’s not cute. Ha ha ha


I was never prepared for swimming that day even if I knew we were going to the beach. I never go to the beach after almost being drowned on one. So, I borrowed everything from them as I lack beach appropriate clothes


And since I’ve been to the beach just once when I am a teen probably 8 years ago, I never experienced riding in a Banana Boat. IT WAS FUN.


THE VIEW. Subic is amazing I love it.


We were on the beach the whole afternoon as we wasted so much time on the road, after shower we head on to the mall and ate our dinner at Coco Lime. The food was so GOOD! We had so much of everything!


We went to Subic a few days after my birthday, I could totally say it’s a company outing and a birthday celebration in one

He were supposed to go to Waterfront right after dinner but due to some circumstances that I am not going to elaborate even if it’s so funny we decided to head back to the hotel. And being the boring people that we are, we go straight to sleep. SO MUCH FUN. HAHAHA


Well, I am not an adventurous person or an adrenaline junkie I don’t have anything to share about me being fun or living an adventurous and curious life, I am always afraid that something might happen in between so never had the courage to do anything fun. But I never said that I don’t want anything to do about fun, so when the group decided to try Tree Top Adventure, I brought my rubber shoes and my courage with me as I won’t be leaving Subic without even trying to be fun ha ha


1. Tree Top Free Fall

We were all passing to be the first one to try this one, I ended up going 3rd, it helped, I knew what was going to happen, what I need to do when it was my turn, but still my heart was pounding like crazy, feeling like I am going to pass out or throw up while the person in charge is placing the straps and harness on me, I did not quit though, it looks fun and scary and it will not take so long so why not.


It feels like you are in a dream falling except that you are really falling to the ground. It’s short and it’s over even before you could scream for help. It’s fun. For someone who haven’t been to anything crazy, it’s a good start.


2. Superman Zipline

If you’ve been to the Tree Top Free Fall, this is easy for you then. It will take you 2 minutes max and you have so much time to scream if you feel like it. I screamed on the top of my lungs just because it is so much relaxing to do so. It was like letting out all my frustrations in life.




After the crazy adventure, we head to … Duty Free and shop shop shop shop shop! I wanted to live there just because of Duty Free! Tax free grocery shopping everyone! And then head home.

Have you ever been to Subic? Any recommendations to where to go in the future just in case I want to go back? Would like to hear from anyone.

Lots of love,



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